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News and Events
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July 6, 2005
2012 Summer Olympians to Compete in London, England: David Beckham's Star Power Shines

If you're destined to compete in or cheer on an athlete or team in the 2012 Summer Olympics, in seven years plan to pack your bags for London. On Wednesday, July 6th 2005 116 members of the International Olympic Committee placed their final votes in Singapore. The 2012 Summer Olympics are heading to England!

David Beckham, one of the world's most famous soccer players, used his star power to help England win.

David.Beckham.Tony.Blair.20.jpg David Beckham & Tony Blair in Singapore

Beckham launched a passionate plea for London to get the Games, especially as the proposed center of the event will be in the East End of the city, his boyhood home.

New York, Paris, London, Moscow and Madrid made The Final Five.

Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee, made the announcement.

After rising for the Olympic anthem, he spoke to the hundreds in attendance and the thousands listening in from around the world.

Rogge said:

All of you could organize inspirational games.

But only one of you can be elected.

I thank all of you for showing competitive spirit in this long race.

He then announced that the International Olympic Committee has selected London to host the 2012 games.

Going into the Wednesday, July 6th vote, Paris and London were considered the frontrunners.

The announcement ceremony took place in Singapore to announce the 117th IOC Session's winning city at 7:30pm (7:30 am Wednesday ET). In order to cover the announcement, I got up at 4am to watch the live webcast which began promptly at 4:30am Pacific Time.

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After seeing a video presentation of Singapore, the Olympic Vote 2012 host city, they showed the video presentations created by the five candidates.

First came Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And then came New York, the city perhaps with the most soul in the world.

Russia's 800 year-old capital Moscow and its people were depicted briefly. The majority of their video focused on thanking the other candidates. Moscow got one of the biggest rounds of applause from those in Singapore.

London's focus was on Olympians and the average Joe they inspire. "It's never too late to try. What have you done today to feel proud?" were the lyrics to the music that played in the background.

Spain's "See You in Madrid" video was dubbed The Happiness Games.


London joins the following cities which hosted The Games in previous Olympics:

Olympic Summer Games

Athens 1896
Paris 1900
St. Louis 1904
London 1908
Stockholm 1912
Antwerp 1920
Paris 1924
Amsterdam 1928
Los Angeles 1932
Berlin 1936

London.1948.U.S.Olympics.pi.jpg 1948 London Olympics Five Rings U.S.A. Pin

London 1948
Helsinki 1952
Melbourne 1956
Rome 1960
Tokyo 1964
Mexico City 1968
Munich 1972
Montreal 1976
Moscow 1980
Los Angeles 1984
Seoul 1988
Barcelona 1992
Atlanta 1996
Sydney 2000
Athens 2004
London 2012

In a CNN Poll, out of 16,282 votes cast (at the time of publication) London was in 2nd place.


In CNN's Poll, London had 27% or 4,400 votes.

David.Beckham.July.6.2005.jpg David Beckham hugs London mayor, Ken Livingstone

London organizers made a good move when they enlisted the star power of David Beckham to help them win.

Lord Coe, British Runner & London Bid Chairman Wins Again!

Bid chairman Lord Sebastian Coe, a 1980 and 1984 Olympic gold and silver medalist runner, has won yet another gold medal today.

Coe promised the 2012 Olympics would be a "special" Games.

Coe told BBC Sport:

It is just the most fantastic opportunity to do every we've ever dreamed of in British sport.

We have a chance over seven years and way beyond that to change the face of British sport.

Everyone was all together and we never lost our confidence.

We just recognized we could do it in very special way and we will do it.

Coe said it would be a partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

London has hosted the Olympics twice, but not since 1948.


The organizing committee ran a series of ads in, the business-to-business subscription-based portal for sport.

Speaking from Singapore where she is part of the London 2012 team, Sue Campbell, Chair of UK Sport, said:

This is a great day for sport at every level in the UK and vindication of all the hard work not just of the Bid team but everyone involved. It has been a truly united effort and shows what can be achieved when the United Kingdom works towards a shared passion and goal.

I am thrilled by the massive boost it will give to performance sport in this country. Young people up and down the country can dream today of a place on the podium in seven years time -- our role is to put in place the world class structure and support needed to help them achieve it. A home Games is a terrific incentive for everyone to succeed.

That is one legacy of today's victory - the Games will also have a tremendous positive impact on sporting facilities and infrastructure, not just in East London but the country as a whole.

We will work hard to ensure that the UK not only competes but succeeds in every possible Olympic and Paralympic sport in 2012. It is a magnificent triumph, and a magnificent opportunity.


The 'Madrid Infraestructuras Deportivas 2005' (Madrid Sports Infrastructures 2012) headed the infrastructure of the Madrid 2012 Olympic candidacy.

Madrid's team ran similar ads on the same site.

In the CNN poll, Madrid received 10% or 1,625 votes.


In CNN's Poll, Moscow got 8% 1,279 votes.

Moscow was the host for the 1980 Olympics. However, those games were boycotted by the United States, as well as a number of other countries in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

New York

New York received 14% or 2,341 votes from CNN's Poll.

The New York delegation was led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The effort included Senator Hillary Clinton, U.S. Olympic Committee Chairman (from 1984) Peter Ueberroth, and a host of decorated Olympians, including Muhammad Ali (who won a gold medal in boxing in 1964), Nadia Comaneci, Ian Thorpe, Janet Evans and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.


Paris had by far the most votes in CNN's Poll.

The city has -- like London -- already hosted the Olympics twice, but not since 1924.

41% of CNN's audience or 6,637 people expected Paris to win.

Each city was given the opportunity to make an hour-long presentation to the IOC committee on Tuesday.

Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee, said on Tuesday that he would welcome future bids from the four cities which lose out on the 2012 games. Rogge stated:

Four cities will, of course, be deeply disappointed, but they should know that a candidature, even if it is not selected, leaves a tangible legacy. Indeed, a candidature allows city's resources to be pooled around one project and results in a pioneering vision for future sporting and urban development by analyzing strengths, weaknesses and priorities.

This highly useful exercise would be unlikely to come to fruition without the inspiring project of the Games.

On Wednesday, July 6th, Mr. Rogge called it "a win for the International Olympic Committee."

Only one gold medal could be won and not a silver or bronze, as in the Olympic games, Rogge said.

New York, Paris, Moscow and Madrid, we wish you better luck next time.

Olympian.Dame.Kelly.Holmes.jpg Double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes Celebrates

Congratulations London!

Congratulations to the 28 sports, 301 events and the 10,500 athletes expected to be cheered on in the city that is ready to deliver.

See you in Torino Italy this winter!!

For the official website of the Olympic Movement, go to:

Inspire & Be Inspired.

Here's to healthy, adventuresome, soulful, "competitive" living - at its best!

~ Jennifer Carolyn King, Rugged Elegance, LLC

Posted by jck at July 6, 2005 4:59 AM

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