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News and Events
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May 10, 2005
Wine Connoisseur's Dream Taste Kit Restores 'Corked' Bottles - Thanks to the French


When was the last time you pulled a vintage wine out of your cellar only to discover that the delectable bottle you'd been saving had gone "bad"?

Well, now there may be a way to preserve those "corked" bottles -- by removing the molecule called TCA -- which ruins the taste of your fine wine.

Two wine experts from the Burgundy region of eastern France have created a new device called the Le kit Dream Taste to preserve the taste of your "special" wine.

Gerard Michel is one of the inventors responsible for this new system that will be available this summer for the first time in the comfort of your own home.

His system is the result of twenty-five years of research. It is a physical process called 'ionic filtration' which absorbs the "polluting" molecules in wine.

The result of his work has the opportunity to impact the estimated 1.5 billion bottles of wine contaminated in the world each year.

Physics Not Chemicals in The Magic Bunch

The Dream Taste kit does not use chemicals.

The Dream Taste Kit removes the TCA (2,4,6 Trichloroanisole) molecule using a copolymer, a synthetic material that draws TCA molecules out of the wine.

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A Material To Evacuate The "Bad Taste" Molecules

wine.taster.jpgDream Taste's promoters claim that within an hour the unpleasant taste has disappeared.

The wine can then be enjoyed without anyone ever knowing the bottle was anything but perfectly preserved.

Gerard Michel said from his French research laboratory:

The material acts as a kind of magnet.

An electrostatic charge is created which draws off the molecule from the wine.

Afterwards the kit is simply discarded.

Corking affects up to one in 10 of all wine bottles. Some believe that between five and seven percent of all bottles are contaminated which can be found in some corks.

The trichloroanisole molecule is mainly the cause.

Most wine that has "gone bad" gets poured down the sink.

Michel's method of removing the molecule is not revolutionary, but this is the first time it has been developed for use in the home.


Their product comes in the form of a carafe and what looks like a plastic bunch of grapes. The magic copolymer is inside the grapes.

Eric Bornert of the wine products company Embag, a Beaune-based business in Burgundy, which is marketing the Dream Taste kits said:

We hope that people will buy the kit and keep it in a cupboard for the day -- which comes round pretty regularly -- when they get a bad bottle. Then they can simply treat the wine and drink it an hour later.

For years, Embag has been in the business of analyzing corks for the presence of TCA, the compound responsible for producing 'off' flavours in wines.

The laboratory Vect' Oeur responsible for creating the kits is confident that the corkage taste will disappear in forty-five minutes. In usually no more than seventy-five minutes the smell disappears.

Give the bottle two hours and fifteen minutes to breath and both the taste of the cork, the smell and any chlorine residue will disappear completely.

The Dream Kit will be available in France beginning the first of June.

Major distribution will begin at wine fairs this fall.

One kit will run you $51 (forty euros) -- not including shipping from France.

Each new kit includes a carafe, and two filter capsules in the form of a bunch of grapes. The "filter" capsules can only be used once.

D-T Grapes To Eliminate The TCA


Thereafter, each new "bunch of D-T grapes" will cost an additional $6.50 (or five euros).

Father's Day is June 18th.

Rugged Elegance will explore making this product available in our world marketplace when we go to France this summer -- if not sooner.

For those who can't wait that long, you can call Embag directly at 03-80-26-24-40.

Merci Gerard Michel and Embag.

Inspire & Be Inspired.

Here's to healthy, adventuresome, soulful, "corked-no-more" living!

~ Jennifer Carolyn King, Rugged Elegance, LLC

Posted by jck at May 10, 2005 11:14 AM

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