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News and Events
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April 30, 2005
Alex, The Barbados Zebra Ass Hybrid: He's Got His Mama's Legs & His Daddy's Backside

Rugged Elegant Photo of The Day

He has his mama's elegant legs. His mama is a zebra. His rugged body is all donkey -- just like his dad's.

Alex, the zebra donkey hybrid or crossbreed, was born on April 21st 2005 at the Highland plantation in St. Thomas parish, Barbados.

AP Photographer Chris Brandis captured him frolicking in a field this week with his mother Allison.

His dad George is somewhere nearby on the six-acre ranch hanging out with the other donkeys, goats, sheep and ducks.

It is the first time a zebra foal was sired by a donkey in Barbados.

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Animal hybrids, especially dogs, are becoming increasingly popular and are being bred selectively.

Plant hybrids are often stronger than either parent variety, a phenomenon which when present is known as "hybrid vigour."

So what is Alex?

A zebra ass or an ass zebra?

Does that make him an Assbra?

Or a Zemule?

A Donkeyz'bra?

A Zebdon?

Or perhaps we can call him a Zebkey.

What do you think?

Allison, Alex' mom is one of two zebras brought to the Caribbean island of Barbados from Botswana, in southern Africa. She came to the ranch in the early 1990s.

George, her son's father, suffered a long illness.

Allison became friendly with him.

George is now in tip-top shape. And the talk of Barbados along with his son.

Philip Atwell, the head of Highland ranch said:

We knew Allison was with foal but we were not sure who the father was.

Evidently, Zebra hybrids are not uncommon.

However, most of the islanders in this part of the Caribbean have never seen anything like Alex.

Recently a Barbadian fan at a soccer match wasn't happy about the way the game was going. He yelled:

It's easier for a zebra to give birth to a donkey than for either of these teams to score a goal!

His exclamation was met with roars of laughter.

zebra.donkey.jpg Two Full Grown Zebra Donkey Hybrids

When Alex grows up he may look like these two zebra donkey hybrids originally from London. They were flown from England and escorted by William Collard to a client in Michigan.

It looks like these mules are wearing zebra stockings. Do you suppose their mother has the nice legs in the family or their father?

Inspire & Be Inspired.

Here's to healthy, adventuresome, soulful, "unusual combinations that work with 'vigour'" living!

~ Jennifer Carolyn King, Rugged Elegance, LLC

Posted by jck at April 30, 2005 1:42 AM

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