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News and Events
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November 10, 2004
Oprah Winfrey Cleans Her Designer Clothes Closet & Auctions 50 Items on eBay to Benefit Her Angel Network


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own the same clothes that celebrities like Oprah Winfrey wear?

Well now you can -- on eBay -- between November 10 - 17, 2004.

Gentlemen, here's your chance to get your holiday shopping done early this year. As early as next week!

For the next ten days, thirty-eight outfits and twelve pairs of shoes that were previously in Oprah's closet can be bid on in a Charity eBay Auction.

On The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday, the size 8-14 media personality shared the results of cleaning out her best friend's closet with the help of two gentlemen who own a luxury lifestyle consulting business in New York called Visual Therapy.

On a trip this summer to Paris, Winfrey was influenced by the fashion designer, Valentino. He encouraged her to ask herself every day before getting dressed, "Does this outfit make me feel alive?"

Visual Therapy stylists Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo encouraged Oprah and her best girlfriend, Gayle King (no relation), to do something that would be "life changing." Reluctantly, Gayle agreed to let the professionals and the cameras into her home closet.

Before nine items were sold in a live auction at Harpo studio in Chicago, Garza and Lupo introduced Gayle and Oprah's audience to their "system."

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Garza and Lup suggest to all their clients to keep only that which:

1) you love;
2) flatters your figure;
3) portrays the image you want.

Using these criteria, "Start by making three piles," they said. "The yes, the no and the maybe pile."

Then, make a list of needs. Get rid of that which no longer works; size-wise and style-wise.

Put those things that have sentimental value in "the archive pile" to go in the attic -- not in your every-day closet.

Think of your closet as your own boutique. Everything has your size in it and everything is for you.

Find a friend who is willing to be honest with how you look in each outfit and use them as a sounding board.

Don't add something new until you give something away.

The experts came in and worked until midnight organizing Gayle's room-sized closet by sections, so that:

-- only the same wooden hangers were used;

-- their tops were on the top and their skirts and pants were on the bottom;

-- from light-to-dark, from season-to-season, every stitch of clothing was color-coded;

-- even the scarves are hung up.

Gayle donated hundreds of her give-away items to charity.

Oprah's closet-cleaning resulted in a even bigger purging. All but fifty-nine of over 1,020 pieces in Oprah's closet were sold to 300+ employees of Harpo, her entertainment conglomerate. More than $1 million worth of clothes brought in $40,000 from her very first Oprah Closet Clearance Sale which will go to Oprah's Angel Network.

Yesterday, Oprah's audience each received a paddle and an opportunity to own one of the gowns, dresses and sunglasses previously owned by the ceo of Harpo and queen of daytime TV.

Within fifteen minutes, nine items were auctioned off and raised $38,900.

An Oscar de la Renta red satin ball gown went for $8,500 to a gentleman with a very happy woman sitting next to him. A limited-edition Louis Vuitton bag went for $2,800. A pair of Fendi sunglasses brought in $2,000 by a woman who almost got the red gown too. The same woman also got a gown for $3,800 which Oprah wore only once when she received the Marian Anderson Award. One of the best gets was a stunning silvery grey gown bought by an ecstatic gal for $5,000. A Gianni Versace garden dress almost went to Gayle as a gift. Instead it was quickly sold for $2,000 to a jazzed brunette in the audience. A Badgley Mischka black lace sexy, sophisticated dress went for $3,800 and might of easily gotten $4,000 or more, except that Oprah, who was getting nervous, shouted "Sold!" The last item sold was a gorgeous Richard Tyler metalic copper dress and purple silk-line coat. Oprah had bought it to wear to the Emmy's and at the last minute decided to wear something else. The gown went to a woman wearing red in the front row who actively bid on a number of items. She paid $7,000 for the gown that honesty deserved to get double that amount.

Beginning today, fifty items previously in Oprah's closet are being auctioned on eBay to benefit Oprah's Angel Network.

She is selling suits by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Valentino. Evening gowns by Donna Karan, Jil Sander and Armani are on the block ... along with 12 pairs of shoes.

Each item has a signed certificate of authenticity.

25 of the 50 Oprah Winfrey Charity Auction Items - Nov 10-17, 2004

Current bid prices and number of bids are logged at the time this story was posted. (Both are obviously subject to change.)

1.) Cream-colored, 100% wool, two-piece Karl Lagerfeld Skirt Suit, $1,025 (25 bids as of 11/10/04 with 6 days, 21 hours remaining before the close of the auction)

2.) Chocolate brown, 100% wool, two-piece Chanel Boutique Skirt Suit, $1,025 (28)

3.) Grey-blue, Three-piece Chloe Skirt Suit (skirt, double-breasted long jacket with white chiffon short blouse), $1,000 (25)

4.) Red, floor-length Ocimar Versolato Silk Crepe Evening Gown, $1,000 (20)

5.) Red silk/satin floor-length, off-the-shoulder Amsale Aberra Silk Satin Red Ball Gown, $1,000 (8)

6.) DeWitt Leggat Brocade Pointed Toe Mules, $1,006.50 (20)

7.) Chocolate-brown, 100% wool, Yves Saint Laurent Jumpsuit made in France with original tags attached, $1,009 (11)

8.) Black, three-piece, wool Jill Sander Skirt Top & Jacket, $1,004 (16)

9.) Mustard-brown, wool, fully-lined Chado Ralph Rucci Dress, $1,009 (13)

10.) Charcoal grey, 100% wool, Valentino Designer Pant Suit, $810 (19)

11.) Black, Isaac Mizrahi Ultimo Lined Jacket, $660 (39)

12.) Gunmetal Italian Purple Tone Heel Pumps, $455 (21)

13.) Green Gianni Versace Wide Leg Pants Slacks, $535 (16)

14.) Wine Designer Prada Chunky Heel Pumps, $530 (24)

15.) Black Vlado Besic Velvet Opera Cape & Hood, $945 (20)

16.) Salt-and-pepper tweed, Lida Biday Long Maxi Coat & Wide Leg Pants, $805 (16)

17.) Burgundy Lambertson Truex Leather Pumps, $591 (26)

18.) Purple and black Gianfranco Ferre Long Jacket & Skirt Suit, $1,009 (15)

19.) Worn black Donna Karan Leather Angle Boots, $500 (9)

20.) Black Dolce & Gabbana Jacket & Pant Suit made in Italy, $500 (15)

21.) Navy, 100% rayon, Myrene de Remonville Paris Skirt & Jacket, $455 (10)

22.) Charcoal Olivia Rose Tal T-Strap Heels, $285 (10)

2004.ebay.Badgley.Mishka.go.jpg One of my favorites by Badgley Mischka

23.) Gold Badgley Mischka Sweater & Ball Skirt, $1,025 (8)

24.) Red, 100% wool Dolce & Gabbana Knee Length Skirt, $355 (7)

25.) Classic brown Gucci Italian Leather Pumps, $100 (3)

In just the first couple of hours of bidding, Oprah has already raised $18,638.50 for her Angel Network.

Five items were added during the time I wrote this piece. And an additional twenty dresses, outfits and/or pairs of shoes are expected to be added within five minute increments.

Some of the other items you can expect to see: a pair of green Versace pants, a floor-length aqua blue Ralph Lauren Collection skirt, a charcoal grey 100% wool Jacques Fath wrap dress, a navy blue Jil Sander short sleeve, knee-length dress, a black leather Gianfranco Ferre short jacket with GFF initials, a charcoal Jacques Fath Paris dress with ivory silk French collar and cuffs, a red 100% cashmere Malo ankle-length, sleeveless dress and a sheer mesh floor-length copper beaded Richard Tyler dress with black leather collar and cuffs.

The only that could have made it more enticing was to have seen the size of the garment or shoes without pressing the bid button.

To take a look at the garments up for sale and to place your bid(s), go to:

To learn more about Oprah's Angel Network, go to:

Oprah's Angel Network supports programs for women, children and families, educational programs, and health and human services. In 1997, Winfrey launched the Network's initiatives to inspire people to use their lives and to reap the rewards that come from giving to others.

To make a donation, click above or send your checks (only -- payable to Oprah's Angel Network) to:

Oprah's Angel Network P.O. Box 96600 Chicago, IL 60693

Before last week's Wall Street Journal article which touts fifty women in the world to watch, I had, of course, heard of Oprah Winfrey, seen her on the big screen and even read her magazine once, but I had never seen her in action on her daytime show. Now that I have, I've added The Oprah Winfrey Show to my TiVo Season Pass list.

Expect to see a lot more inspirational stories about this inspirational woman and her inspirational works on earth. She is a living angel!

Inspire & Be Inspired (R).

Here's to healthy, adventuresome, soulful and "clearing out the clutter for a good cause" living!

Ready, set, go.

~ Jennifer Carolyn King

P.S. Send this story to all your women friends (size 8-14) and all your men friends whose wives or girlfriends would die to own an outfit by one of these fabulous fashion designers -- knowing the proceeds went to a good cause...not to mention the cachet that would come by saying, "This was an Oprah Original."

Posted by jck at November 10, 2004 12:51 PM

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