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News and Events
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May 19, 2004
American Idol III Delivers Another Shocker with Finalists, Jasmine Trias, Fantasia Barrino & Diana DeGarmo

Jasmine.Trias.Interview.Photo.jpgAmerican Idol took a walk down memory lane before announcing another Wednesday night shocker.

Tonight's shocker was that America finally got it right. America voted to put Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo, the two most talented performers of the three, on the road to the final. Jasmine Trias bid adieu to the competition and the live least until this summer when she goes on tour with the eleven other finalists. Tickets go on sale this weekend.

Seventeen year-old, Jasmine Trias, came to Los Angeles to deliver the Aloha spirit and succeeded with grace, charm, budding talent and beauty. However, tonight she leaves the homes of Americans and returns to Hawaii not as the winner of the entire competition, but as this year's third favorite Idol contestant out of 70,000.

Along her journey, Trias won a lot of hearts, and took a lifetime of criticism.

Next week, we will hear Diana DeGarmo followed by Fantasia Barrino in a two-hour Fox special finale performance.

Tonight's hour long show, had us cheering for many of the finalists we got to see in clips captured throughout the season. Watching Matt Rogers, JPL, John Stevens and George Huff brought back fond memories of sitting around the television together. The family connection Fox, Paula, Randy, Simon and creator, Simon Fuller have created has been a real gift.

Tonight, American Idol I finalist, Tamyra Gray was invited to the show. She sang two songs from her upcoming solo debut, The Dreamer, which will be released on May 25th by Simon Fuller's new record label, 19 Recordings. (The CD is available below for pre-order.)

Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian was also in the house to sing "Angels Brought Me Here" from his five-time Platinum selling album, Just As I Am. His debut CD, which included four of his own songs, was produced in just six days.

Tonight, there were no Bottom Twos or Threes. All three contestants stood next to each other to learn which one of them had received the fewest number of votes last night.

At the age of eight, Jasmine Trias began professional voice training. Prior to being on American Idol she would perform to audiences at school, in her church choir, at shopping malls and in local contests. Her 24-hour return home last week started with huge support from her high school, Maryknoll, and ended with 8,000 people at the airport to see her off.

During her brief stay the Lieutenant Governor named May 13th, "Jasmine Trias Day."

Talented Jasmine Soriano Trias was born and raised in Hawaii, the oldest of Rudy and Nora Trias’ three children. She lives in the central Oahu community of Mililani with her parents, her fifteen year-old brother, Ronel, and her six year-old sister, Neolani. The Trias family are of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish ancestry.

Jasmine has been singing since she could talk. In addition to pursuing her passion, she loves to surf and hula dance. Fortunately, she will have both to enjoy again after a grueling number of months in Hollywood.

Fantasia Barrino's Visit to Her Hometown, Highpoint

Until Fantasia Barrino came into our lives, her hometown of High Point North Carolina was famous as the two-times a year furniture shopping destination of America.

Years ago, we discovered a talented designer, Shelley Reich who has since opened furniture stores in San Francisco, LA and Soho called Atmosphere. This year, High Point has been put "on the map" because of another amazingly talented person. Fantasia Barrino is a designer, creator and showperson with a unique style, who is now known from California to New York, North Carolina and abroad.

Diana DeGarmo's Trip Home to Atlanta & Snelville Georgia

Wearing her trademark pink and black all day long, she received a princess welcome in Snelville. Her friends wore hot pink t-shirts in her honor. She was invited to be Mayor for the day. She received a leather letter jacket and accolades for putting Snelville on the map.

In this morning's New York Times, Cowell told Virginia Heffernan that he predicted Diana DeGarmo would be the winner of this year's Idol contest.

Georgia girl, DeGarmo says she came out singing. When she was just in Kindergarten she was invited to perform on a CNN talk show. By the time she was nine, she was going to Snellville's local restaurants to sing on Karaoke Night. Her repertoire since then has included singing the national anthem before Atlanta Braves and Thrashers games. Last year, she was a finalist on the NBC show America's Most Talented Kid. Not only does the inward beauty of her voice shine, she is beautiful on the outside.

Next week, DeGarmo and Barrino will compete to become America's Idol.

Jasmine Trias' Tribute in Her Own Words

American Idol has been such an awesome experience. The audition process has been like riding a wave. Being on national television just gives you such a rush.

I am so ecstatic about making it this far.

I have learned a lot. I have learned about friendships. I have learned about my singing ability. I have learned about my stage presence, and about expressing your emotions when you sing.

It's all about passion.

It's really tough to see one person go every week because as the weeks go by, you're getting closer to each other and you're making more friendships. And it is just hard.

There's so much going on, and it's happening so fast. It's so hard to swallow.

It's like I'm at the end of the wave on the shore already.

Even though I didn't make it all the way, it just feels that I'm there, where I want to be.

Seacrest said, "We will never forget that smile."

Before singing Inseparable Jasmine said thank you to all her fans and for embracing her talent. "It has been such a honor to share the Aloha spirit with America," she said.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Inspire & Be Inspired.


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